Monday, 27 October 2008

Stupid People

What a day today, the rain has stopped thanks goodness but the morons keep driving through the village thinking that their little cars can drive perfectly well throught 3 feet yes 3 feet of water.
The first one of the day which in my opinion should not be driving anything because they are way too thick.Here is the story.
Got woken up this am to someone trying to knock the door down, it turned out to be a stupid woman who drove into the flood with the depth stick at the side showing you it's 3 feet deep, asking if we could pull her out with our car (no sorry love we aren't as stupid as you) so we said to ring the AA/RAC who would come to her rescue. It wasn't her fault she drove into the flood it was because her sat nav had told her to go that way. We said well you can see the depth stick at the side which tells you it's 3 feet deep and her reply was i don't know measurements i thought it was 3 tiny feet, to which i nearly wet myself. Surely no one can be so thick. Eventually the farmer came to tow her out and all you could see was water pouring out. AA man came to tow her away and he wasn't impressed.
Later this evening fire crews arrived so out i went (of course they may have needed help) would you believe yet another stupid person stuck in the water called the fire brigade out.
What worries me is that these people drive cars.
I have pics of the daff women this morning i will put pics on later. Couldn't get one of the fire crews because it was too dark (sorry to dissapoint)


mamaluke said... you don't laugh you'll cry!

Cazzy said...

So funny, she probably only learnt metric and thinks feet are on the end of legs!


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