Thursday, 16 October 2008

Crafty Building

Well today has been taken up by my roof trusses arriving at 8 this morning :)

It has taken weeks of talking to people who don't listen to get these done.

We were very very lucky that a friend from the village was available to help us move these seriously heavy bits of woood or they would still be on the wagon.

The delivery man was a very nice man so i made him a bacon buttie and a cuppa.

I am adding a few pics so you can get the jist of how big my room will be by the gap in the middle of the trusses, the triangle bits on the edges will probably be some kind of storage.


Rachel said...

Oooh it is getting exciting!!!!

Rachel said...

Ooooh it's coming on a treat :-)

Net said...

Looking good H - when is the house warming?

maddy hill said...

im comming to live with you ( big grin) ... i just require a little corner in your new craft room thats all - hehee !
love maddy x

maggieb said...

Wow H it looks huge can i come to your to play lol.

Hazel said...

Wow!! Helen, it's beginning to take shape - it's going to be a lovely craft area when done.

Dollydimps said...

This looks promising!!
Looking forward to seeing the pics as it takes when are we having a meet chez H? ;)

H said...

Soon as it's up and running we can have a meet whenever you like :)


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