Friday, 28 November 2008

28th November

Sorry im a bad blogger.
Life a bit no lot mad here at the moment, i have spent every school hour this week at school painting the back drops for the school show (Joseph) still not finished :(
My garage doors and windows have arrived this week :):) and all the tiles are on the roof, just need to put the ridge tiles on.
Will try and get a pic tomorrow. So im hoping to be moving my stuff in there soon.
My Mini which is For Sale is a palarva, girl came to look on monday and said she wanted it and would pay/pick it up today but a long story can't till tuesday so i will wait till then and if it doesn't sell then im keeping it. Im so soft when she said she would have my car i had tears in my eyes. I love my Mini :)
Made a car for a friends daughter today so i will get a pic of that too :)
Hope to be back soon

Monday, 10 November 2008

1oth November

Well im here again, i have been a bit busy with a weekend challenge on CBC where we have had 18 challenges. Lots to see and do so why not pop over there and have a look.

Have had a pants week with 2 friends dying, but need to get a grip and get on with life so i've been in my craftroom making some boxes.

I've made some christmas boxes to put necklaces in that my Mum wanted me to make for her friends for crimbo :) i quite enjoyed making them :)

Also a pic of my new garage, at the moment all the felt is on but windows will be 10 days and stairs 4 weeks :(

Saturday we had our sailing club awards night and Meg picked up her 2 trophy's she was so chuffed and so was i, if only i could win one.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Sorry for myself

Feeling sorry for myself today, i have finally been to the dentist and had my tooth pulled out.
My next door neighbour has died, he was a lovely man.
Had cavity wall insulation done today and what a mess.
Hopefully be back tomorrow with a better day.


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