Sunday, 26 October 2008


Here are some pics of Lake Windermere taken today. We have had so much rain over such a short space of time. The pics with Meg on dry land are from yesterday lunch time, that is now under a serious amount of water.

At our sailing club we have had boats dissapear, the toilets/clubhouse/bosun's store are all flooded.

The National Trusts tea room and Shop are flooded.

We also have flooding outside our house.


Net said...

Blimey H! I really hope it doesn't get any worse for you and that no one is hurt.

Calv said...

Wow thats bad H, hope it subsides fine.

Hazel said...

Gosh, what a lot of rainfall to cause such flooding - hope you and yours keep safe.

maddy hill said...

oh my H, that does look herendous x
i feel so sorry for all those that will suffer because of this ...
keep your family safe eh ? hope it all drains away asap and stops raining .

Rachel said...

Oh gosh H just catching up - that is a serious amount of water! Hope your home remains safe. Take care.


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