Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Day two

Well here i am again :)
Thanks for the comments girls it was a lovely surprise :):)
Well today i have had a day off and went to my friends house for a crafty day :):):) i have to say not much crafting was done but we had a good old natter.
She has a amazing amount of scrapbooks that even i was impressed, she hasn't made one at all yet she just like's to look at them.
I only did a bit of stamping so hopefully will turn those into cards in a couple of days and show them to you they were the Bear stamps (forever friends) ?
Also my punches came from SU today and i have managed to trap my boob already :( owch
You may have noticed that i managed to get some wallpaper on my blog (thanks girls) but still trying to work out how to get a header.
What else do i need ?

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Rachel said...

OMG H - did you not know it is a known condition normally associated with the cropodile as you try to hold everything together before hole punching!!!!!!!!!! And yes been there too - not sure if I need to lose some fat or learn a new punch technique!!!!! Now don't forget about the ink pad dip - another common problem for booby stampers. Glad they got there!



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