Sunday, 1 March 2009

Added a blog counter

I have added a visitor counter because i don't think anyone visits me :(
Not that im feeling sorry for myself or anything :)
Please feel free to leave a comment even if it's a negative one :)


Rachel said...

oooh 10 visitors......see we lurk usually....

Kate said...

OMG, I have just added a counter to my blog cos I am thinking that nobody looks at mine either. Right pair of numptys aren't we??!! :)


H said...

Wow i had 2 visitors :):)
Come on lurkers make yourselves know :):):)

Kathy said...

Hi H!

Thought I'd better leave a comment after that posting!!
How are you?

H said...

Fine thanks Kathy :) how are you ?
I'm just feeling sorry for myself :):):)


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